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     Much of the success of our work is based on giving voice to the aspirations of those we work with, and having an artisan's passion for things well made and long lasting. Our designs are grounded in function, but beautiful and beloved by their users. In addition to work in Tennessee, we have worked on private gardens in California, Pennsylvania, the Bahamas, and Georgia.

Our Projects:
Sustainable Design
  • Orchard and Guesthouse, Nashville,Tn.
  • Walled Garden, Nashville,Tn.
  • Native Plant Landscape, Nashville,Tn.

Gardens, Pools, and Courtyards
  • Pool and Courtyard Garden, Sea Island,Ga.
  • Pool and Gardens, Sonoma Ca.
  • Garden, Nashville,Tn.
  • Garden, Nashville,Tn.

Historic Landscape Design
  • Family Farm and Cemetery, Nashville,Tn.
  • Landscape Plan, Philadelphia,Pa.
  • Landscape Plan, Nashville,Tn.

Featured project and Testimonial:

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