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     This southern residential landscape illustrates a marriage of a love of family with a love of the land. Our challenge was to transform a 6 acre heavily wooded lot with a log cabin into a place for the family to play, garden, explore, and relax. We selectively removed unhealthy trees and carefully graded the land to allow sunlight and open space for gardening and play. We sited a garden/guest house into the slope so it is a focal point in the landscape while framing the views to the backyard.
     With a restrained aesthetic of environmental sustainability, the family terrace is gravel, a clothesline dries the family wash, a raised vegetable garden is ready for planting, an heirloom apple orchard hugs the hillside, beehives are ordered, and a water cistern is being installed. Yet, most importantly, it is a place where the children swing from the big oak tree, run along paths through the woods, and chase their two dogs.


     We asked Tara Armistead to help us add a terrace at the back of our 1930’s Federal Style home. What a great experience! From the first design concept meeting, it was a pleasure to work with such a talented professional. She listened to her client’s ideas and converted them to a beautiful result - the terrace looks as if it had been constructed with the house! She has access to the most artistic and talented craftsmen, has a great feel for landscape material and placement, and is a conscientious manager of the project. What more can we say? Maybe another project soon!!

Gigi and Ted Lazenby