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     I visited Rwanda with a group of six women from Thistle Farms, a social enterprise supporting women who have survived life on the streets. We designed and planted a community vegetable garden with 40 at risk women, and worked with small farming cooperatives to grow and distill geranium plants for the production of essential oil.
     These farmers are at least 60% women and orphans who directly benefit from the sale of their product. The oils are organically certified and a natural insect repellent, thus reducing the incidents of malaria. We have partnered with these farming communities to help with community design and soil conservation, as well as the research, development and marketing of the oils in the United States.


It is a joy and a wonder to work with Tara. She has a clear vision and a heart that beats in rhythm with the earth. In all of her volunteer design work with Thistle Farms and St Augustines Chapel, love and compassion shine forth from the landscapes. In the healing garden at Thistle Farms, she recruited a huge volunteer team and treated the project with sensitivity. She is a joy to work with and her landscapes preach stewardship!

Peace and love,
Becca Stevens---
Thistle Farmer